Chocolaterie Chocomax

835 Décarie, SAINT-LAURENT, QC H4L 3L7

(514) 744-9518


Chocolaterie Chocomax map, 835 Décarie SAINT-LAURENT QC H4L 3L7 Belgian chocolates, ice cream, coffee and pastries

four months and four days ago around 2AM at Chocolaterie Chocomax in The Triangle SAINT-LAURENT QC / Boul DéCarie and Rue Decelles
Chocolaterie Chocomax

Established in 1990, Chocolaterie Chocomax specializes in hand crafted Belgian chocolates made on premise using the finest quality ingredients. A great gift idea for any special occasion or just to satisfy your chocolate cravings. We also serve coffee and pastries. Make sure to stop by in the summer months for our homemade ice cream where you have it dipped in 8 kinds of Belgian chocolate covering. Chocolaterie Chocomax was featured in the french daily newspaper Lapresse on March 17th, 2007

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